How To Find The Right Tablet For You

There is not much data out there on this topic today, so this is all we have for you. Read it beneath.

How to Find the Right Tablet For You

The best way to find out which size you prefer is to go to a store and try them out. Take care to note not just the screen size, but also the weight, as it will be putting a lot of stress on your wrists. A Note About Android Apps There is one area where the size of your tablet plays a huge role in how you use it that goes beyond personal preference. As stated earlier, due to the unique way that Android handles apps, a developer can change a single line of code and apps will scale to fit the display they’re on. On 7-8″ tablets that are designed to be used in portrait mode, this can result in what are essentially scaled up phone apps. When you get to 9-10″ tablets or above, they typically start getting used in landscape mode instead of portrait. At best this results in horrible, unusable experiences for unoptimized apps (like Facebook), and at worst, apps that are incapable of displaying in landscape and force you to rotate the device to use them. This is both a blessing and a curse for Android tablets.
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