Windows Tablets Go To School: Why One School System Chose Microsoft Over Apple

We had to do a lot of work to gather this details for you, as the day there does not appear to be much of it. Look into a brief snippet beneath.

windows tablet.jpg

MDCPS took a pragmatic approach that would make any corporate CIO and CFO smile: We took a number of factors into consideration. We looked at the content and resources that we already owned. We also looked at our infrastructure.Technical staff is already familiar with managing Windows devices and will be able to troubleshoot issues more effectively. Rather than succumbing to the latest trends, the school systems approach considered current tools and skills, as well as future-state functionality. Another interesting point in Windows favor was its availability on different devices. The school system plans on issuing laptops to its elementary students and providing tablets for secondary students. Windows is unique among tablet manufactures for its split personality strategy, whereby the same operating system runs on desktops and tablets, with dual interfaces optimized for each style of use.
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