Exploring Office For Tablets, Microsoft’s Massive Missing Piece

It is excellent to finally hear much of the freshest developments after such a long time. I think then again, we’ve heard a lot of this before. Even if we have seen this before, the reports normally have something new that can be learned.

Microsoft needs to take this as an opportunity to do something innovative, Silver said via email. If you were designing a touch-based productivity product from scratch, you would never come up with something that looks like Office, Silver added. You would try to understand the functions people really want to use without a keyboard and design a finger-friendly application for them. One more face in the crowd In a recent Gartner survey of 500 users, respondents listed more than 30 different products they use for office productivity tasks on tablets. Rivals include Apples iWork apps for iOS like Pages, Numbers and Keynote; Googles QuickOffice and Drive/Docs; Evernote; Documents To Go; and many others. Microsoft has released iPad and Android tablet versions for some of its Office apps, including OneNote, Lync and OneDrive, the cloud storage service known until recently as SkyDrive, but Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other suite apps havent been ported. For Silver, a touch edition of Office should have been out a year or two ago.
See the first version adding any additional photos or video playback by making sure to visit http://www.pcworld.com/article/2099660/office-for-tablets-microsofts-godot.html


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