Once A Monopoly, Windows Now Deemed ‘destined To Be A Second-class Citizen’

We had to do a number of work to gather this details for you, as the day there doesn’t appear to be much of it. Read it beneath.

However, just because Windows is no longer the only major computing platform doesnt mean that Microsoft is in trouble. The company is still insanely profitable and can practically print money from its Office and Windows Server sales, which means that it can easily afford to shrug off $900 million write downs for unsold Surface RT inventory . One of the biggest questions facing new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is how much the company should keep its fate tied to Windows. Bloomberg reports that activist investorMason Morfit of ValueAct is making a big push to make Microsoft put much less emphasis on Windows going forward. Essentially, he wants Microsoft to speed up its efforts to get its popular Office software onto iPads and Android tablets and he more generally wants Microsoft to start decoupling its money-making enterprise services from the Windows brand. Writing over at WindowsITPro , Paul Thurrott gives Morfits proposals a hearty endorsement and says that Microsoft seems to have realized that its old business model of charging OEMs licensing fees to make Windows machines simply wont be as successful in an era when Google is letting anyone use Android for free. The reality is that Windows is destined to be a second-class citizen, alongside iOS and well behind Android, Thurrott writes.
Originally discovered at http://bgr.com/2014/02/05/microsoft-office-ipad-android-tablets/


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