Sell Your Old Smartphone Or Tablet To Microsoft For $250 And Get A New Windows Phone!

It’s been kind of a slow news day, however we did moderate to find something worth posting. Read it beneath.

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Ben Bradlee February 5, 2014 0 We have an interesting update for US based smartphone and tablet consumers who want to get rid of their old smart devices. Microsoft is running a special offer using which you can get rid of your ld devices and get a credit of up to $250. This offer from Microsoft will be available till March 2. Now that you have an idea about the offer, its time for us to give you the other important details. In todays world, almost every offer has some or the other terms and conditions and the offer from Microsoft is no different. In fact, the offer from Microsoft has a long list of terms and conditions that have to be met in order to avail the offer, but if you are a regular consumer and have been nice to your old smartphone or tablet, you shouldnt have any problem. So the offer we are talking about here is a trade-in deal that will fetch you as high as $250 for your used smartphone or tablet. And if you are interested in this offer, you have to meet the following requirements if you want Microsoft to entertain you: The deal is valid for US based Microsoft stores including Puerto Rico and Canada Your smartphone or tablet must be fully functional with no cracks or damages of any sort Your smartphone or tablet must not be affected by water damage or other physical shocks You must have all the original accessories of the device including the charger and data cable The device must not have any kind of password protection (in order to avoid dealing in stolen or lost devices) The amount you will receive for your device will be finalized by the Microsoft Store employee So in a way, the above list might seem to lengthy and irritating, but if you are a regular US based smartphone or tablet consumer then you should be just fine.
Consider the first version these include any extra visuals or video playback by making sure to visit


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