35 Of Our Favorite Retina-ready Ipad Mini Cases And Covers

This at all times something to learn & new an exciting development about which we were not aware before. Here is a lot of news that we were in a position to gather for today:

On page two, youll find cases for the original iPad Mini. Most of them will fit the new iPad Mini, and you can expect updated versions of those that dont very soon, but like we said, check before you buy. iGear iPad Flip Turn Case ($100) iGear iPad Flip Turn Case Flexible and functional, this keyboard case from iGear comprises a hard polycarbonate shell with a full QWERTY keyboard inside that hooks up to your iPad Mini via Bluetooth. A clever hinge mechanism lets you set it up like a laptop, or you can flip and turn it to hide the keyboard or use it a stand. Every angle is protected and there are cut-outs for ports and buttons. Opening and closing automatically sleeps and wakes your iPad. The whole case has a nice matte, soft-touch finish.
Procured from: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-ipad-mini-cases-and-covers/


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