Microsoft Reduces Prices Of Windows 8.1 Tablets Including Lenovo Miix 2, Dell Venue Pro 8

This usually something to learn & new an exciting development about which we were not aware before. I don’t know if you’ll find your precious details in the piece below, nevertheless it is worth a look.

By dropping price of Venue Pro to $229, Microsoft is giving a tough competition to Googles Nexus 7, but offering more storage space to the users 32GB vs 16GB. The 32GB Dell Venue 8 will offer 4-6GB more practical storage to the users in terms of real storage use than the Nexus 7 device. The Nexus 7 with a higher resolution screen of 1,920 1,080 is ahead of the Venue Pro in terms of display quality. The Venue Pros screen however is around 1.1-inch larger than the Nexus tablet. All three of the tablets are powered by the Intel Bay Trail Z3740D chipset, which comes with integrated GPU and is praised for its performance across the Windows 8 range of tablets. A very interesting thing to note is that the last move from Microsoft lowers the price of Dell Venue Pro even below what Dell is offering it for. This clearly shows that the software giant is trying to build the brand of their Microsoft store. Intel too will be benefited from Microsofts decision of selling the tablets at such low prices to boost up faster adoption.
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