Amd Boosts Android On Windows Pcs And Tablets Powered By Its Chips

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Bending the finger generates a click. In this way, Lensing was able to play the Android version of “Angry Birds” on a Windows tablet without touching the screen and without the need for additional controller hardware. The BlueStacks dual-OS Android system will go on sale in the second half of this year, initially through European retailers. AMD said the first will be Elkjop Group, which operates in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. It will be sold with desktops machines, notebooks, tablets and hybrid devices containing AMD processors. Under the BlueStacks software, applications can be downloaded from a number of app stores, and run either within a Windows window, or full screen, AMD said.
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10 Best 7 Inch Android Tablets To Buy

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Forward this news to your friends & colleague Subject: For more than one recipient, type addresses separated by commas Your name: I found an article you might be interested in. Type the characters you see in the picture 10 Best 7 Inch Android Tablets To Buy By SiliconIndia | Monday, 24 February 2014, 17:33 IST Email BANGALORE: The increasing demand for smart gadgets is paving a smooth way for tablets and phablets. The bigger screen size that offers enhanced visuals combined with the ease of accessing internet, gaming and entertainment is the major reason for the increasing affinity towards these big screen gadgets. Phablets with calling feature are designed to make sure that the smart gadget does not cramp the users on its features. Listed below are the 10 top 7 inch android tablets to buy in India as compiled by IndiaTV. #10 Xolo Play Tegra Note Xolo Play Tegra Note is a good buy in the segment both in terms of utility and entertainment. The gadget includes a 7-inch IPS display screen that throws out visuals at 1280 x 800 pixel resolutions.
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Logitech Fabricskin Keyboard Folio For Ipad Air

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At 18.5mm thick, the case more than doubles the thickness of your 7.5mm thin iPad Air and adds 425g on the weighing scale. However, I found the folio case can easily fit into the tablet compartment of my day bag and the extra weight did not hurt my shoulder. You dock your iPad Air by sliding the tablet into the two corner clips of the rear flap. But you have to make sure the iPad is all the way into the clips as the tablet might slide out if the fit is not tight enough. The review unit was in black, but it is also available in red and grey. The interior, though, is white. From the flaps to the keyboard, the folio case is silicone wrapped and feels smooth. It is supposed to be made of water-repellent materials.
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Exploring Office For Tablets, Microsoft’s Massive Missing Piece

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Microsoft needs to take this as an opportunity to do something innovative, Silver said via email. If you were designing a touch-based productivity product from scratch, you would never come up with something that looks like Office, Silver added. You would try to understand the functions people really want to use without a keyboard and design a finger-friendly application for them. One more face in the crowd In a recent Gartner survey of 500 users, respondents listed more than 30 different products they use for office productivity tasks on tablets. Rivals include Apples iWork apps for iOS like Pages, Numbers and Keynote; Googles QuickOffice and Drive/Docs; Evernote; Documents To Go; and many others. Microsoft has released iPad and Android tablet versions for some of its Office apps, including OneNote, Lync and OneDrive, the cloud storage service known until recently as SkyDrive, but Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other suite apps havent been ported. For Silver, a touch edition of Office should have been out a year or two ago.
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Possible Specs For Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 Leaked, Triluminos Display Touted

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@evleaks, has tweeted that the next generationSony Xperia tabletZ, aka theSony Xperia tablet Z2, will feature a 10.1 inchTriluminos full HD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The tablet Z narrowly lost out to the Nexus 10 in ourbest Android tablets roundup because of its display, which although good it wasnt as good as the300ppi display in the Nexus 10. Although it doesnt look like the new tablet Z will go beyond full HD, the inclusion of aTriluminos display could mean that this next iteration could be a true winner. Triluminos technology enables a LCD TFT display to show a wider range of colors making images appear richer and more vivid. This color boost is said to be as much as50 percent larger than that of a conventional LCD panel. The secret to this wider color range is the quantum dot.
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Microsoft Windows 8 Lags Predecessor In First-year Sales

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A Microsoft Surface tablet is seen during the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 operating system in Hong Kong October 26, 2012. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

The latest Windows 8 sales figure, announced by Reller at a Goldman Sachs technology conference on Thursday, is the first that Microsoft has made public for more than six months. The relatively slow sales of Windows 8, and its latest incarnation Windows 8.1, reflect a steady two-year decline in personal computer sales, as smartphones and tablet sales explode. Sales of tablets are set to overtake PCs worldwide next year. (For graphic, click on ) Windows 8 was designed as a flexible new system that would work equally well on desktops PCs and touchscreen tablets, but it ended up alienating many traditional users, while the company’s Surface tablet has not won over many Apple Inc iPad users. More worryingly for Microsoft, the number of people actually using Windows 8 is persistently low. While many businesses technically have purchased Windows 8 licenses, few have installed the system on office machines. Meanwhile, 48 percent are sticking with Windows 7 and 29 percent are still running Windows XP, which is more than a decade old.
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Ipad Air Review – Latest Ipad Is Great, But Is The Ipad Still The Best Tablet?

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iPad Air

iPad Air: We liked The iPad Air is thin and light, and beautifully designed and built. It has an amazing display great for viewing video, ebooks and web browsing, and myriad storage and connectivity options. Performance and battery life is as good as it gets in this space, and iOS7 remains the best mobile platform, in our view, although this is a subjective view and recent versions of Android and Windows have certainly caught up. iPad Air: We disliked We weren’t impressed with the audio quality afforded by the iPad Air’s onboard speakers and the cameras are nothing to write home about, although entirely fit for purpose. It’s a matter of taste but we found the iPad mini-style case loses some of the premium feel of preceding generations of iPad. Finally, although at 399 the 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad feels well priced, we’re not sure what would persuade us to shell out 739 for the top-of-the-range model. This feels expensive. Apple iPad mini 2 Retina vs original iPad mini comparison Now that Apple has launched an updated iPad mini, which one is the better deal?
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