Lenovo Yoga 8 Is The Tablet With The Longest Battery Life, Not Ipad Air

With all of the recent developments, it’s getting harder to keep track of things. I think this is a excellent explanation much of the basic points to know about.

After all you dont want to end up with a slate that dies after a meager 3-4 hours of watching vids and browsing the web. Now CNET has done a round-up of the tablets they have tested and has come up with a top of the most long-lasting slates. In the end, they mentioned only six (I have no clue why only six) and surprisingly to some the Apple iPad Air didn’t take the top spot. But lets take one thing at a time. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch kick-starts the top with its 10-hour battery life, followed in close proximity by the Nexus 7 2013 with 11.5 hours. Microsofts Surface 2 will offer a pretty similar life span with 11.6 hours on a single charge. Lenovos Yoga tablet, which has been hailed as being one of the tablets to boast eternal life, has been proved to last up to 12.4 hours.
For more, visit the original resource on this website: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Lenovo-Yoga-8-Not-the-iPad-Air-is-The-Tablet-with-Longest-Battery-Life-421781.shtml


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