Apple Projected To Have Sold 25m Ipads In Record Holiday Quarter

In some cases the dumbest articles contain critical pieces of data that turn out to be very useful. This point is thoroughly proven by the following;

At least 30 million iPads, and the stop will fall 10%, blow 500$. Why? People will start waring thermostats on their wrists. That’s why. Quote: Originally Posted by melgross I know how some like to talk about why marketshare doesn’t matter, but it does. If Apple’s tablet sales did indeed go up by 10%, but the markets overall sales were up 30% (that’s just a guess), then Apple’s marketshare would have taken a large hit again. I remember how guys here would mention that Apple’s marketshare was 90%, then 80%, then 70%, etc. Now those same people say it doesn’t matter.
Initially discovered at:


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