Hp Intros New Android-based ‘voice Tablets’

With all the product introductions both new and old, it is prevalent that vital facts gets drowned out. It could be worthwhile to read this little bit of news that we found. Take a look:

Eventually these hybrid phablets will do all the jobs that users run on their smartphones and tablets. “If I’ve got a five-and-a-half-inch smartphone, why the hell would I buy a tablet?” O’Donnell asked. For HP, the new Slate VoiceTabs give the company a way to get back into the booming mobile device space with a new form factor that will help it differentiate from other device makers, a particularly important move considering the large numbers of Android-based smartphones and tablets that are on the market. CEO Meg Whitman and other HP executives have said for more than a year that the company needed to make another run at the smartphone space. Whitman said in an interview with Fox Business News in September 2012 that it was particularly important because in many emerging markets, smartphones were the first computing devices many people would use. “There will be countries around the world where people many never own a tablet or a PC or a desktop,” she said.
All Of Us located this really encouraging excellent news post found on http://www.eweek.com/mobile/hp-intros-new-android-based-voice-tablets.html


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