Industry Leaders Set Trends For Tablets At Ces 2014

Oftentimes you can miss the needle in the haystack, particularly when there is a good deal of hay. We’re not sure however this news might have many substance that you find useful. Here it is now:

In the shadow of Mobile Word Congress, again I spoke about this last year, but once again it’s the pink, sparkly elephant — with blue and yellow stars painted on its butt and face — in the room. With a few exceptions, CES is no longer the place to bring out the big guns. Much of that burden has now shifting to Mobile World Congress, which takes place in late February. (Credit: James Martin/CNET) MWC is late enough in the year that it gives vendors a couple extra months to prepare their products compared to CES, but it’s also early enough that the company don’t miss out on early year buzz. You’re also targeting a more global audience with MWC, so it gives you a potentially larger reach. I expect at least a few Tegra K1 tablet announcements then, and hopefully Qualcomm will be ready with its next-generation mobile processor as well. There goes another disappointing CES for tablets.
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