Mini Beats Air

With our current flood of details it is easy to miss extremely important details in trends. It may be worthwhile to read this small bit of news that we discovered. You can check it out beneath.


But a page of crisp text on the retina Mini is one of the most beautiful digital simulations Ive ever seen. The bottom line is that the Mini, not the Air, is still the ideal size for almost everything I want to use an iPad for.Being able to hold an iPad comfortably with one hand, or type easily with two thumbs, is still something the Mini offers best. Reading in bed in portrait mode is still much more comfortable on a Mini less stretching to do. And even though the Air is impressively lighter than my long-gone iPad 3, the fear of a smashed nose from snoozing hasnt gone away. I splurged on an LTE Mini this time, and I wouldnt want to go back to a wi-fi-only world. Theres a surprising difference between tethering to an iPhone and being able to pull out an iPad and be instantly connected, and it changes the way I use it. Its now a viable device for iMessaging, when iMessage wants to work right. Ive even re-thought a few of the apps I keep on my home screen.
One can easily pick up a lot more starting from the original source at


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