2013′s Top 4 Android Tablets

It is my opinion that every moment is a chance to study something. Here is a number of news that we were able to gather for today:

nexus 7

Battery life is also relatively good for general usage. Not the best tablet, not the worst, but affordable with solid performance. Sony Xperia Tablet Z Funnily enough one of the biggest draw cards of this tablet is the fact that its waterproof. Yes, really Ive seen it dumped in a bucket of water and left there for about thirty minutes. Granted you need to plug up the holes with rubber stoppers so its not going to be any use if youre unexpectedly pushed into the pool, but if youre one of those people who likes to read in the bath, or perhaps has kids that will inevitably get the tablet dirty, then this feature becomes very attractive. Whats not attractive however is the price, which is definitely at the higher end of the tablet scale and much more on the same level as the iPad. The display is full HD, utilising Sonys Bravia technology which means it looks amazing, and its fast and light. It does run an older version of Android, which is a bummer, but you will get 2GB RAM coupled with a 1.5GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro.
All Of Us noticed this valuable encouraging good news piece on http://gearburn.com/2013/12/2013s-top-4-android-tablets/


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