25 Excellent Apps To Install On Your New Windows Tablet

Too much facts may be a negative thing, making it tough for us to focus on what is critical. After looking around we did find something that could be of use. You can check it out beneath.

xbox one smartglass

A portable boob tube While the Office 2013 Home & Student suite baked into many Windows tablets makes Microsofts slates a solid choice for content creationour roundup of the most productive Windows 8 business apps can help you get things done, by the waythe undeniable fact is that most people use their tablets for content consumption instead. Fortunately, the Windows Store has a solid lineup of entertainment apps just waiting to please your peepers, and video and audio apps are an especially good fit for the modern UI. Hyper for YouTube offers an elegant video-viewing interface. Netflix and Hulu Plus subscribers will want to checkout those respective apps post-haste. YouTube, unfortunately, isnt available as an app, but you wont mourn its loss if you check out Hyper for YouTube , a slick YouTube viewer that includes video-quality options and full YouTube account support. (Most of the YouTube-related offerings in the Windows Store dont.) Or, if youre just into YouTube for the free tunes, check out the free Vevo app. The Slacker Radio app contains a wealth of artist and album info, beyond its killer station selection. If youre looking to soothe your savage breast, install Slacker Radio . Sure, Windows 8 bakes in the Xbox Music service by default, but Xbox Music restricts your free listening after six months and has limited device support outside of Microsofts ecosystem.
A Number Of Us stumbled upon this really encouraging optimistic news report on http://www.pcworld.com/article/2080811/25-excellent-apps-to-install-on-your-new-windows-tablet.html


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