How To Reset Android Tablets

From time to time the dumbest articles include essential pieces of facts that turn out to be extremely valuable. You can test that theory out with this news piece beneath:

RELATED As with a regular computer, you can wipe all the personal data and programmes from an Android tablet at once. This can be helpful if you want to pass the device to someone else or start over with it yourself. Wiping the device completely erases the tablet, though, so make sure you do not need anything stored on it before you begin. Steps may vary depending on the version of Android you have, but in general, head for the Settings area. In later versions of Android, go down to the Personal area of the Settings screen and tap “Backup and reset.” At the bottom of the “Backup and reset” screen, tap “Factory data reset.” The next screen warns that you will soon be erasing all the data on your tablet’s internal storage drive, including your Google account information, system and app data settings, downloaded apps, music, photos and any other personal info. To proceed, tap the “Reset tablet” button and follow the instructions on the screen. When finished, your tablet should be returned to that out-of-the-box , or “factory,” state.
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