Logitech Unveils New Ipad Air And Ipad Mini Retina Display Keyboard Accessories And Their Price

Right now there is an abundance of info from the current consumer trade shows, it’s tough to get important data with the current flood. We think the important data that you need is right here in this post:

Subrotah Biswas, stated that the company was proud of its new range of products and that these products will enhance the aesthetics and class of both the iPad Air and the iPad mini Retina. The accessories are available in a perfect blend of colorful skins and the company has lived to its reputation of stylish and productive designs. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover by Logitech designed for the iPad Air provides and aluminium screen cover and can be converted into a wireless keyboard. The inbuilt Bluetooth keyboard is accompanied by iOS Shortcut keys such as Cut, Copy and Paste. The cover also has a magnetic clip to protect your tablet and a magnetic groove as well, which is located behind the keyboard to hold the iPad upright whenever required. The keyboard can recharged via a Micro USB port and a complete recharge lasts up to three months, as claimed by the company.
A Number Of Us noticed this valuable interesting positive news piece on http://www.associatednews.com/technology/gadgets/logitech-unveils-new-ipad-air-and-ipad-mini-retina-display-keyboard-accessories/6282


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