Ipad Air Vs The Competition: Is Apple’s Tablet Really The Best Of The Lot?

This always something to understand & new an thrilling development about which we were not aware before. You can test that theory out with this news piece beneath:

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is lighter than the Air

Best display? Apple high-resolution displays are a thing to behold even though Retina may just be a marketing term. Apple has not made any changes in the resolution of the display since the first showing it to us with the New iPad or iPad 3. Since then the competition has caught up and surpassed Apple. All three competitors have higher resolution displays. The Kindle Fire HDX has a smaller size display too, but the higher 2560×1600 pixel resolution gives it a higher pixel density than the iPad Airs 9.7-inch, 1536×2048 display. The Nexus 10 and the Note 10.1 likely have the same panel with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels.
Noted from: http://www.in.com/news/scitech/ipad-air-vs-the-competition-is-apples-tablet-really-the-best-of-the-lot-51992287-in-1.html


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