Should You Buy The Ipad Air Or The Ipad Mini With Retina Display?

After months of silence, there’s finally a lot of news to report. This appears like quite a few rehashed details from last week. A nominal percentage of the data might be useful developments that we haven’t heard of before.

In the same breath, the styling of the iPad Air owes far more to the design that debuted with the iPad mini last year than previous editions of the full-sized Apple tablet. With a much reduced bezel on the side of the screen, and a similar size at top and bottom, the iPad Airs footprint is much reduced (and the thickness drops to 7.5 mm, which is astonishingly thin). It feels far more fashionable and well designed than the older generation, and of course matches up with the iPad mini to create an almost cohesive look when the iPads are all on sale together. When you line up specifications, when capabilities are equal across the board, and when the back-end software and support are identical, theres not a lot of distinction to make between the two tablets apart from size, and I think thats where the decision has to be made. Think about how you would use a tablet throughout the day. If you are someone looking for a tablet to use while moving around, while standing up, and generally holding in one hand and operating it with the other, then the extra weight of the iPad Air over the iPad mini with Retina Display is eventually going to catch up with you.
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