Windows Tablet Shipments To Grow, But Won’t Challenge Android, Ios

After months of silence, there’s finally a lot of news to report. I think but, we have heard a lot of this before. It honestly does not matter due to the fact there’s consistently a lot of new details to be located.

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By comparison, tablets based on Android and iOS will register slight dips in market share. In 2017 Android will have a tablet market share of 58.8 percent, compared to the projected market share of 60.8 this year. Apples iOS will have a tablet market share of 30.6 percent in 2017, compared to 35 percent this year. Over time, Microsofts market share in the tablet market will increase, thanks to more devices and aggressive pricing. But underlying Windows OS, device design and application problems will continue to prevent faster growth, said Tom Mainelli, research director of tablet research at IDC. Windows worries Acceptance of Windows 8 wasnt as strong as Microsoft hoped, and the company confused customers by creating one OS designed for both desktops and tablets, Mainelli said.
For even more, have a look at the initial document on this site:


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