Apple Had Ample Supply Of Ipad Air, Iphone 5s Over Holiday Weekend, Retina Ipad Mini Was Constrained

With all of the recent trends, it’s getting tougher to keep track of items. Hopefully this cuts right to the chase and give you quite a few helpful info.

Credit: AppleInsider reader Ryan. Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank polled more than 100 stores over the weekend to assess demand for Apple’s products. In all, about 50 Apple Retail Stores and more than 50 AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Best Buy, Walmart and Target locations were surveyed, and online checks were conducted as well. Whitmore found that demand for all of Apple’s key products was “robust” and that the company has been able to supply solid levels of inventory at its own stores thus far for the holiday shopping season. Specifically, Whitmore found that the iPhone 5s was in ample supply at Apple’s stores, while on the 128 gigabyte capacity of the iPad Air was sold out in a few locations. The same couldn’t be said for the iPad mini with Retina display, which has been in short supply since it first went on sale in November.
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