Ipad Air

With all of the product introductions both new and old, it is frequent that important info gets drowned out. After looking around we did find something that may be of use. Here it is now:

Photo: AFP An Apple employee shows off the new iPad Air at a satellite launch event in central London. Photo: AFP An Apple employee holds up the new iPad Air. Photo: AP The iPhoto feature enables to snap a shot with the iSight camera and make it look amazing with powerful tools and professional-quality effects. Also you could create gorgeous photo books, prints and more to share with friends and family. Website Photo With iMovie, you can transform your videos into HD movies or Hollywood-style trailers. Website Photo GarageBand helps to fine-tune your song with a full suite of tools for recording, mixing and editing. Website Photo With Keynote, you could create appealingpresentaions with an elegant Apple-designed theme.
Look into the original version which includes any supplementary images or video by clicking to http://english.manoramaonline.com/cgi-bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/slideContentView.do?contentId=15286475&programId=1080127282&catId=-1073864734&BV_ID=@@@&channelId=-1073865027


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