Apple Ipad Mini 3 Prototype With Touch Id Spotted [rumor]

It is excellent to finally hear a lot of the most current trends after such a lengthy time. This appears like a few rehashed data from last week. It honestly does not matter because there is usually a number of new facts to be located.

Today, were hearing rumors regarding the next-generation iPad Mini, which is being called the iPad Mini 3 at this time. An image submitted to shows off what appears to be a prototype of the iPad Mini 3, which as you can see, it features Touch ID, which made its debut on the iPhone 5s. Even though has been known to leak reliable information regarding Apple products in the past, the site says the image of the iPad Mini 3 cant be verified at this time, which means theres a possibility its a fake. Im sure I speak for all iPad Mini owners when I say I hope it isnt. As is the case with all of Apples products, the company wont respond to rumors or speculation and will only make formal announcements when they deem fit to do so.Were sure after Touch ID was released on the iPhone 5s, that we can expect the feature to expand to other iOS devices, so what better device than the iPad Mini 3. RELATED
Originally discovered at


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