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With all of the product introductions both new and old, it is frequent that important info gets drowned out. After looking around we did find something that may be of use. Here it is now:

Photo: AFP An Apple employee shows off the new iPad Air at a satellite launch event in central London. Photo: AFP An Apple employee holds up the new iPad Air. Photo: AP The iPhoto feature enables to snap a shot with the iSight camera and make it look amazing with powerful tools and professional-quality effects. Also you could create gorgeous photo books, prints and more to share with friends and family. Website Photo With iMovie, you can transform your videos into HD movies or Hollywood-style trailers. Website Photo GarageBand helps to fine-tune your song with a full suite of tools for recording, mixing and editing. Website Photo With Keynote, you could create appealingpresentaions with an elegant Apple-designed theme.
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Apple Ipad Mini 3 Prototype With Touch Id Spotted [rumor]

It is excellent to finally hear a lot of the most current trends after such a lengthy time. This appears like a few rehashed data from last week. It honestly does not matter because there is usually a number of new facts to be located.

Today, were hearing rumors regarding the next-generation iPad Mini, which is being called the iPad Mini 3 at this time. An image submitted to Nowhereelse.fr shows off what appears to be a prototype of the iPad Mini 3, which as you can see, it features Touch ID, which made its debut on the iPhone 5s. Even though Nowwhereelse.fr has been known to leak reliable information regarding Apple products in the past, the site says the image of the iPad Mini 3 cant be verified at this time, which means theres a possibility its a fake. Im sure I speak for all iPad Mini owners when I say I hope it isnt. As is the case with all of Apples products, the company wont respond to rumors or speculation and will only make formal announcements when they deem fit to do so.Were sure after Touch ID was released on the iPhone 5s, that we can expect the feature to expand to other iOS devices, so what better device than the iPad Mini 3. RELATED
Originally discovered at http://www.ubergizmo.com/2013/11/apple-ipad-mini-3-prototype-with-touch-id-spotted-rumor/

Hands On With The Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows Rt Tablet

With our present flood of facts it’s easy to miss extremely key details in developments. This really is several data that could be useful. Here it’s now:

Yet, with the introduction of this new tablet that goes on sale today (Wed November 21), RT lovers however many of them may be out there now have a choice. Different but similar The 10.1 inch Lumia2520 differs a bit in size from the 10.6 inch Surface 2 and has a more powerful 2.2 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon processor compared to the 1.7 Ghz NVIDIA processor in the Surface 2. What that translates to is slightly less screen real estate and slightly faster performance but in both cases those differences are not big enough to get too excited about. Both come with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage (you can get a 64 GB Surface 2) and both have MicroSD cards for extra storage. Both offer full HD 1080 screens. I dont have a Surface Pro to compare screen quality but the Lumia2520s screen is bright and beautiful. Their biggest similarity is that the both run Windows RT 8.1 which is either a plus or a negative depending on what you think of the operating system.
To get more detailed, checkout the genuine document right here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrymagid/2013/11/21/hands-on-with-the-nokia-lumina-2520-windows-rt-tablet/

Apple Ipad Mini With Retina Display: Reviewed

We were not sure yet this news is eagerly awaited. It’s odd though, I think I’ve observed this before. In some cases rehashed press releases still contain bits of new details that we didn’t have before.

I didnt think battery density would improve as much as it did. And I definitely didnt think Apple would integrate a large 4MB cache on its SoCs , thereby reducing the need for a super wide memory interface. The combination of those three things made giving the iPad mini a Retina Display possible, and thats exactly what Apple did this year. Its called the iPad mini with Retina Display, and unlike the iPad Air , it looks a lot like its predecessor. Youd be hard pressed to notice the 4.1% increase in thickness (+0.3mm) or the 7.5% increase in weight (+23g). Even if you did, what those slight gains net you is more than worth the effort. From top to bottom: iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad Air The Retina mini now features a 44% larger battery (23.8Wh). Thats nearly the same battery capacity as the original iPad (25Wh), but in a chassis with only 1/3 of the volume.
Noted from: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7519/apple-ipad-mini-with-retina-display-reviewed

Android Dominates Tablet Market As The Ipad Stumbles In Q3

Last night I was surfing around on the world wide web & identified this:

Android revenue share reached 46.2% in 3Q13, for the first time exceeding iPad share of 45.6%. Androids unit share grew to 66.7% from 58.5% a year ago, largely driven by Samsung and Lenovo, while iPad share declined to 29.7% from 40.2%. Despite the Android victory, iPad shipments should see drastic gains over the holidays with the release of the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini . Other than a constantly expanding lineup of capable, affordable Android slates, the only other thing that might stop Apple from rebounding is the risk of supply constraints . DEAR ABBY: My mother-in-law tends to embrace every pitiful creature she comes into contact with. This Thanksgiving she has invited my ex-boyfriend and his wife to her home to share in the festivities. Dear Abby TEHRAN, Iran (AP) Iran unveiled a new aircraft Monday that it says is the biggest drone yet to be developed in the Islamic Republic, capable of staying aloft for up to 30 hours. Associated Press Homonhon (Philippines) (AFP) – Helicopters dropped emergency supplies to desperate villagers as a growing global relief effort following the Philippines typhoon pushed beyond devastated towns and cities Monday towards remote island and mountain communities.
The extensive article on which this curated clip was in fact based upon is available at http://news.yahoo.com/android-dominates-tablet-market-ipad-stumbles-q3-041542768.html