Microsoft Surface 2 4g Lte Tablet Lands At At&t

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The Surface 2 is portable and light, but I’ve seen lighter. Josh Miller/CNET Considering the comparable 64GB Apple iPad Air goes for around $800, the Microsoft Surface 2 4G LTE’s $679 price tag doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Not to mention the built-in Micro-HDMI and full-size USB 3.0 port, as well as MicroSDXC card reader it houses. The downside is Windows RT 8.1, an incompatibility with XP, Vista, or Windows 7 PC programs, and the droughty app store, all of which hold back Microsoft’s ARM-based tablets in an increasingly competitive market. Though the “best tablet” ultimately lies within one’s individual needs, if you need a productivity-geared gadget and cellular connectivity on-the-go, Microsoft’s “If you build it, they will come” approach may suite you. What do you think about the Microsoft Surface 2 4G LTE?
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How To Find The Right Tablet For You

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How to Find the Right Tablet For You

The best way to find out which size you prefer is to go to a store and try them out. Take care to note not just the screen size, but also the weight, as it will be putting a lot of stress on your wrists. A Note About Android Apps There is one area where the size of your tablet plays a huge role in how you use it that goes beyond personal preference. As stated earlier, due to the unique way that Android handles apps, a developer can change a single line of code and apps will scale to fit the display they’re on. On 7-8″ tablets that are designed to be used in portrait mode, this can result in what are essentially scaled up phone apps. When you get to 9-10″ tablets or above, they typically start getting used in landscape mode instead of portrait. At best this results in horrible, unusable experiences for unoptimized apps (like Facebook), and at worst, apps that are incapable of displaying in landscape and force you to rotate the device to use them. This is both a blessing and a curse for Android tablets.
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Huawei Drops Plan For Dual Android-windows Phone Device

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If they have the Android and Windows together, you can change it as you wish and it is much easier for people to choose Windows Phone.” A spokeswoman for Huawei told FierceWireless that the company’s plans have changed since Yang spoke with TrustedReviews at Mobile World Congress in late February. The dual-OS concept seems to be falling by the wayside, at least when it comes to Windows and Android. At CES in January, Asus unveiled a Transformer tablet that runs both Windows 8.1 and Android . But that device has reportedly been shelved , The Wall Street Journal said last week. The reason? Friction between Microsoft and Google. Google wants only all-Android devices, the Journal’s sources said, while Microsoft won’t accept any Windows device equipped with another operating system. Asus already offers dual-OS devices, namely the Transformer AiO P1801 and P1802.
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Windows Tablets Go To School: Why One School System Chose Microsoft Over Apple

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MDCPS took a pragmatic approach that would make any corporate CIO and CFO smile: We took a number of factors into consideration. We looked at the content and resources that we already owned. We also looked at our infrastructure.Technical staff is already familiar with managing Windows devices and will be able to troubleshoot issues more effectively. Rather than succumbing to the latest trends, the school systems approach considered current tools and skills, as well as future-state functionality. Another interesting point in Windows favor was its availability on different devices. The school system plans on issuing laptops to its elementary students and providing tablets for secondary students. Windows is unique among tablet manufactures for its split personality strategy, whereby the same operating system runs on desktops and tablets, with dual interfaces optimized for each style of use.
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Et Deals: Lenovo 19.5-inch Quad-core Android All-in-one For $319

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The Android all-in-one is obviously a compromise in a few areas, lacking the mobility of a tablet or true desktop-class specs and compatibility, but in some ways it also gives you the best of both worlds. With a 19.5-inch touchscreen, you can use it like a desktop with a keyboard and mouse, but it also includes a built-in battery so that you can pick it up and move it around the house like a tablet. Lenovos N308 features a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 processor and 2GB of RAM, stacking up well with current tablets, so it will be able to run apps and view HD videos about as well as any tablet out there. However, its more like a desktop when it comes to storage, with a 320GB HDD with an 8GB eMMCcombo. The flash memory will help keep boot time snappy while you load up the slower HDD with all your media. Two full-sized USB ports are available to hook up your peripherals, as well as a6-in-1 card reader. Bluetooth 4.0 as well as 802.11bgn WiFi are also built-in to connect your devices without wires. A kickstand is built into the back of the display, allowing you to easily adjust the angle from 15 up to 65 degrees.
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Rca ‘net Music Unit Integrates Android Tablet

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The system, available now at Walmart stores and online from, has a suggested retail of $199. The RCA Internet Music System (model RCS13101E) combines a 7-inch Android tablet and a bookshelf stereo unit and is compatible with most popular Android music and video apps, the company said. The system allows users to stream their favorite audio entertainment from the Internet, view and listen to online videos by connecting a TV, and even take the Android control tablet to another room to be used independently or control the system’s speakers. The RCA Internet Music System bridges the gap between a streaming tablet device and the stand-alone shelf music system. With the combination of a quality tablet and a premium sound system, the consumer gets the best of both worlds. The tablet can be used for individual enjoyment independent of the sound system, or it can be wirelessly paired to the powered sound system to fill the room with music or a TV or movie soundtrack. Best of all, it’s an affordable option for consumers wanting a device that can play CDs, stream Internet music, surf the Internet and play online video content, said Stephen Jorge, U.S.
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Hp Releases Another Cheap Android Tablet

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But it was also cheap and likely allowed HP to get into the tablet game on the cheap. The HP 8 is more of the same in an updated package. HP likely doesnt expect this to increase the companys tablet marketshare, but rather test the waters while remaining active in this important market. The HP 8 costs $170. At that price, it competes with the original (and dated) Amazon Kindle Fire and budget Samsung devices. Its a smart move by HP. It might be an uninspired tablet Im digging the Hewlett-Packard branding under the screen, though.
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